Gabriel Glas - Alpha Decanter

The Gabriel Glas Story -

Gabriel Glas is an Austrian company started by the Swiss-German wine critic René Gabriel who, while writing the comprehensive German-language wine book "Weinbibel" became fixated on the idea of finding one glass that would successfully present every style of wine. Finding that no such glass existed, he set about creating one, and the Gabriel Glas Company was born.

While the company started with this singular desire to create just one ideal glass for all types of wine, it has diversified to offer a broad array of crystalware. Throughout the design process each piece is given the same attention to detail as the glass that started it all, as is readily apparent from the appearance of each but becomes overwhelmingly obvious as soon as you use them. Elegant as they are functional, these are masterpieces of combining form and function.



Gabriel Glas - Alpha Decanter

  • Model:

    The Alpha Decanter - Made of 100% Austrian lead free crystal this decanter is mouth blown by European artisans into a shape that, while functional is also incredibly striking and grips the imagination in its form. Holding a shape that seems to defy gravity, this piece adds flare and function to any gathering. 

    Perhaps best of all, while refined and precious it’s construction makes it durable and dishwasher safe.


    • Mouth blown 100% Austrian lead-free crystal
    • Extremely refined yet durable
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Openening at both ends promotes a gentle aeration


  • Dimensions:

    • Total overall height - 11.75 inches (298 mm)
    • Total volume - 50 oz max capacity but intended to decant a 750 ml bottle of wine. 
  • Weight:

    27.5 ounces 

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