Laguiole Champagne Saber with Olivewood Handle

From producer Jean Dubost Laguiole comes this elegant masterpiece designed to properly open a bottle of champagne. For those who adore bubbly specifically, (and bon vivants in general) this saber is a must.

At 16 3/8 inches in length and composed of stainless steel, the knife is adorned with a brass bolster and rivets that are set into a handle of solid carved olivewood. Simply put, the piece is as striking as it is functional.

Luxurious in hand, it smartly takes the top off a bottle of champagne with its blunt stainless blade. The traditional Laguiole decor embosses the handle and the bolster as a signature of the timeless quality.
The saber comes in a beautiful 2-piece slide-top wooden box which is ideal for elegant storage or tailormade as a sophisticated gift. Perfect for use at your next special gathering.


Laguiole Champagne Saber with Olivewood Handle

  • Product Details:

    Overall Knife Length: 16 3/8 inches

    Handle Length: 5 inches

    Blade Length: 11 3/8 inches

    Blade Width: 1 1/2 inches

    Box Length: 17 1/2 inches

    Box Width: 3 3/4 inches

    Materials: Stanless Steel, Olivewood, Brass

  • How to Saber:

    1. You must be sure that the bottle is VERY well chilled.
    2. Remove the foil wrapper and wire cage from the bottle to be sabered. Remember to not point the bottle at anyone or anything breakable once the cage has been removed, (VERY IMPORTANT)
    3. Keep a firm grasp on the base of the bottle with your thumb inserted into the punt and hold at approximately a 45-degree angle upwards.
    4. Spin the bottle in your hand until you locate the vertical seam where the two halves were molded together. Be sure this seam is facing upwards.
    5. Hold the champagne saber flat against the bottle along the seam.
    6. Slowly draw the saber backwards along the seam toward yourself, and then firmly and quickly thrust it back toward the lip of the bottle at a slight angle. Be sure to folow through with your stroke, just like a good golf swing. 

    NOTE: While this exercise is exceptionally fun we recommend watching an experienced person performing a proper sabering before giving it a go yourself.

  • More about the producer:

    Jean Dubost Laguiole was founded in 1920 in the French countryside near the city of Thiers. They became famous in France for their high-quality blades and craftsmanship, and that reputation has since spread internationally. In recent years, Jean Dubost has worked to limit their impact on the environment by optimizing their ground shipments, creating compostable and biodegradable cutlery, and using recycled materials.

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