Gabriel Glas - 'Gold Edition' Glass

The Gabriel Glas Story -

Gabriel Glas is an Austrian company started by the Swiss-German wine critic René Gabriel who, while writing the comprehensive German-language wine book "Weinbibel" became fixated on the idea of finding one glass that would successfully present every style of wine. Finding that no such glass existed, he set about creating one, and the Gabriel Glas Company was born.

While the company has diversified to offer a broad array of crystalware, it started with this singular desire to create just one ideal glass that would provide “maximum olfactory sensation” and “deliver any wine to the palate in a manner that expresses even the subtlest flavors, no matter the variety.”


Today Gabriel offers two 'grades' of this original shape: the StandArt and the Gold Edition. Here are the details of each:

  • StandArt - This is the factory made option. Thicker and more resilient than the mouth-blown alternative, this is an excellent glass for daily use. Made of Austrian lead-free crystal and formed in one piece so there are no seams, this version offers all of the performance of the Gold Edition with a build that can take the tumult of every -day use.
  • Gold Edition – Mouth-blown and nearly weightless this delivers the most elegant and refined wine drinking experience on the market. While this statement may sound hyperbolic it is not. Made of the same lead-free Austrian crystal as the StandArt, the Gold Edition takes this design to its highest possible level of sublimation. While lighter than the famed Zalto Universal, it's actually more resilient on account of being formed from a single piece of glass - there are no weak points, no seams. In short, it is almost impossible to imagine how much this glass changes your experience of a wine. Trying it for yourself will change your taste in glasses forever.

Gabriel Glas - 'Gold Edition' Glass

  • Model:

    'Gold Edition' Wine Glass - While like the normal StandArt Glass the Gold Edition is fabricated with 100% Austrian lead-free crystal, this version is mouth blown. The difference this makes cannot be overstated. So refined as to be almost weightless, when drinking from this glass one has the impression that the wine simply arrives at the your lips without there having been any vessel to take it there.

    In addition to being refined to perfection in terms of weight, the Gold Edition's performance of form is equally impressive. Any wine will smell and taste better out of this glass that any other - period. Try this comparison with a wine you know and love to experience the difference. 

    So it's incredibly refined so that must mean it's extremely fragile, right? Wrong. While it's elegance will inspire you to take great care of it, the seamless method by which it is blown and the material used give it an unexpected strength and resilience. Use it, love it and when your done, wash it in the dishwasher. That's right, even the Gold Edition is Dishwasher Safe.



    • Mouth blown Austrian crystal
    • One glass that performs well will all types of wine
    • Extremely refined and light weight
    • Allows maximum expression of the smell and flavor wine
    • Dishwasher Safe
  • Dimensions:

    • Opening at top of glass - 2.59 inches (63.5mm)
    • Base of glass - 3.74 inches (95 mm)
    • Total overall height - 9 inches (230 mm)
  • Weight:

    3 oz (90 grams - compaired to Zalto's 113) 

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